Samantha Schmidt, Author

When Stefanie received my short story she immediately identified a giant hole. There was an expectation in the story that had not been met, and it left readers wondering. She explained her point of view, her thoughts, and the hole became an opportunity. An opportunity for improvement, to bring the story to the next level,Continue reading “Samantha Schmidt, Author”

Andrew Hayes Williams, Author

Stefanie has an almost preternatural ability to elevate your work. Before she touches a single word, she spends time getting to know your intentions, your thought process, and your goals with a piece, so by the time you have finished working together, you’re left with something that is unapologetically and distinctly you. She does somethingContinue reading “Andrew Hayes Williams, Author”

Ellen Azevedo, Author

Working with Stefanie has been an absolute dream! I sent her the skeleton of a story and where some editors might have crafted a body onto that skeleton, Stefanie did something even more incredible. She helped ME craft the body and make it something whole. I am completely blown away by the time and careContinue reading “Ellen Azevedo, Author”

Hannah Curran, Author

Stefanie works hard to understand your individual work and goals. She works with you closely through the entire process and makes herself available far beyond what is required of her. From the beginning, Stefanie takes the time to understand your ideas and strives to enhance the narrative based on your thoughts. She has extreme attentionContinue reading “Hannah Curran, Author”

Brett Riley, Author

Stefanie Molina is my favorite editor. Her vision for your work will enhance and expand your own. Though some strange alchemy, she will demand more excellence than you expected of your text while convincing you that reaching such lofty heights is not only possible but also inevitable. She nudges you ever higher up the bareContinue reading “Brett Riley, Author”

Lily O., Managing Editor at Books Unite People

“Stefanie engrosses herself in stories, giving tailored, well-informed, and supported commentary to each individual writer. Her eagerness to help writers improve is a sign of the dedicated editor that she is.“