Why do you charge by hour for some services and by word for others?

This is in the interest of fairness–both to me and to you, the client! Simply put, charging by word causes me to overcharge for some clients and undercharge for others. If I have two clients with the same length novel, one with a rough third or fourth draft of their novel and another with their worked-to-death tenth draft, one’s going to take me a lot longer than the other–and I don’t want to charge them the same amount.

Services like manuscript evaluations or sensitivity reads are charged by the word because my reading speed stays constant through all novels, and the lengths of their deliverables remain constant enough that I can in good conscience charge those clients equally.

Why should I choose you to work on my novel?

Simply put: I will love your baby just as much as you do. I know what it is to put your heart out there for someone to step all over. It’s painful and it’s scary.

One of my favorite things to do when working with authors is tell them how completely excited I am about their work. How amazing it is. How talented I think they are. And because I’m so choosy about who I work with, I can do this genuinely.

I think editing a novel is an exercise in professional friendship. And I treasure that relationship more than anything else that could come out of this process!

Why do you do so much? Shouldn’t you have a specialty?

That’s a good question. Truth be told, I have two professional aspects: one logical and one creative. And for my soul to be happy, I need both of them satisfied. So I “specialize” in both creative and non-creative work because I love both dearly, and I can’t imagine life without them.

Within those aspects, though, I do have true specialties. In creative work, I love speculative fiction (especially fantasy) and romance. In non-creative work, I adore seeing people succeed academically. And in between–well, lit blogs are a huge and fascinating part of my life that I can’t help but want to contribute to!