From first draft to query…

The Technician offers services that can help you at all stages of your publishing journey.

Signature Package

Take your book from draft to agent with this comprehensive, long-term editing package. Receive:

  • Developmental edits + coaching through manuscript revision
  • Line edits on your revised manuscript
  • Query letter template and edits
  • Help querying agents
  • Targeted edits in response to agent requests

Other Services


A budget-friendly basic breakdown of your manuscript’s roadblocks and next steps

Diversity Read

An evaluation of the ways in which your manuscript may risk doing harm and how to mitigate them

Developmental Edit

Available in two levels; addresses concerns such as plot, character, pacing, etc.

Query Package

An intensive edit of your query letter and your first 50 pages to send to agents

Line Edit

A meticulous edit of your novel’s flow, word choice, paragraph-level organization, and more


Personalized, long-term workshopping of your manuscript

Stefanie provided me with insight that was specific and professional. She delivered this insight with so much positivity and enthusiasm that I became re-enamored with my own writing. Working with Stefanie was one of the most positive experiences of my writing career and I highly recommend her services.

Samantha Schmidt, Author

I felt respected and understood throughout the whole process. Stefanie wasn’t just an editor, she was also a reader, a listener, a cheerleader, and a friend. Working with her has been a joy and a privilege and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Ellen Azevedo, Author


Fiction Technician provides book editing services to women writers of color and allies.

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